Container-based hosting in the cloud and on-premises.

Dedicated Hosting

For agencies and organizations that already have infrastructure providers or established data centers, offers on-premises hosting. This includes all the same features, and the same expert support, as our cloud offering. The pricing for dedicated hosting is based on a fixed monthly fee with either Standard or High availability options -- run as many projects and generate as many hits you need.

Cloud Hosting

Pay only for what you use. We use number of containers, hits, and storage as the basis for a flexible pricing system that reflects your project’s requirements. We offer Standard and High availability options to fit your hosting needs. No matter which availability tier you choose, our resilient platform is truly pay-per-use. If you need to change tiers, you can easily switch from Standard to High Availability.

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Develop locally. We provide you with a Docker-based local development environment that is congruent with the production containers. This frees you of all the hassle that comes with different versions or configurations. If it runs locally, it will run in production.


Host where you want. Choose one of our server locations worldwide or have our team set up on the server of your choice. This includes your choice of infrastructure provider or servers within your own data center and meets privacy requirements like GDPR. With you get excellent support and maintenance anywhere in the world.


Flexibility. Our complete hosting solution is based on Docker and can run any Docker Image. We provide base Images for Nginx, PHP, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Solr, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Varnish and many more. All of these images are open source and include fully automated tested. If you need to adapt them, just edit the Dockerfile. You can even write your own Dockerfiles from scratch.

Better Deployments

Empowering Developers. Define needed containers in YAML files within your git repo. Host your git and your code where you’d like and use our CLI to manage your account. Any time you make a commit, magic happens. Our self-service system allows you to set up a separate development site for every Git branch and pull request — within seconds.

Open Source

Community and innovation. is committed to supporting and contributing to open source technology. We share “Lagoon”, our game-changing hosting stack, and other innovations in development and hosting. We invite our fellow engineers and developers to take a look under the hood or make contributions at any time. We want you to see what makes us the best and help us continue to innovate as the best hosting solution for your carefully crafted sites.


Not every project needs an expensive, fully-redundant, high-availability setup. With you have the choice between two tiers, allowing for the most economical allocation of your hosting budget. If you need to change tiers, you can easily switch from Standard to High availability
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