We choose our stack carefully and are proud of building the most modern open sourced hosting stack in the world. We believe in full transparency and share as much of our stack as possible with the community.


We believe in full transparency and share as much of our stack as possible with the community. Here’s what’s powering your site.


Kubernetes is our container orchestration system of choice. Kubernetes is the system that knows how many containers each project needs, how many resources to provide and it is the system that takes action if a container, or a whole computing node, is failing. This ensures that your site is reachable no matter what happens. All of these features are also fully automated, and work without taking any time from engineers.


The container technology of Docker is the base of our current Stack. It allows developers to run the exact same system locally as in production. It also supports fast deployments and highly available systems. Every deployment creates a Docker image of each service that has everything needed to run your Drupal site. These images are used to create containers in seconds and can number into the hundreds if necessary


OpenShift is an enterprise-grade orchestration system focused on security. It is based on Kubernetes -- the most advanced container orchestration system available. OpenShift is also open sourced and managed by RedHat. It brings additional security features such as a complete separate virtual network for each environment and ensures that no container can talk to another unless absolutely needed.


Lagoon is our open sourced build and deploy system. It is the tool that receives webhooks from your Git repository and builds and deploys Docker Images to OpenShift and Kubernetes. Not only does it work completely automatically, it keeps you informed about the current processes with notifications to any chat system, email or even via phone.

Docker Compose and Pygmy

Docker Compose and Pygmy are the tools that developers use to run our Docker images locally. They are both open sourced and they ensure a great developer experience without the need to install any additional software on a local computer

Full Composer, Yarn and NPM support

Our Docker images come in a special builder flavor that allows developers to use Composer, Yarn, NPM or any other package manager during a build. This improves development, speeds up processes, and removes the need for any external continuous deployment system.
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